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Ball Plastic Freezer Jars

ball plastic freezer jars

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Piña de congelación!

Piña de congelación!

Simply inspired by a certain Flicker'n Graygoosie to put more of the fresh fruits & veggies away here South of the Border! Ball Plastic Freezer Jars are the perfect solution for food storage.
These 3 jars contain fruit from one Pina Miel~one of the sweet varieties of Mexican Pineapple found here in Mexico.
**The platic does not contain bisphenol A (BPA)

Proud of his tower

Proud of his tower

he has been acting out and having toys taken away.....so tonight while I was doing dishes he swiped my canning ball plastic jars for freezer jam and ice cream and was happily playing with them and rocks and then he demanded i take a photo of his tower

so i complied

ball plastic freezer jars

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